Letter: Unexpected travelers

In reference to the article about Mr. Wagner being left on the United Express airline flight all night, it doesn’t surprise me in the least. I had such a flight this past June returning from Washington, D.C., after a trip to London. We were put on our flight at 11 at night, 5 hours late, only to be told that the pilot had flown too much and we needed to get off and spend the night.

We were given new boarding passes for the next morning. Upon arriving the next morning, we found that this flight was not listed on the departure boards. We ended up at a gate to meet a pilot who could not find his plane. The plane was located in the hanger. After several hours we left for New Orleans. Upon arriving there, we were met by agents wondering where we were coming from as they did not expect a plane in from D.C.

After writing a letter to United, they awarded me a $250 credit on a future flight. I haven’t had the courage to use it yet.

Susan Hodges

retired LSU graphics worker

Baton Rouge