Letter: Society needs servant leaders

Where will our role model leaders come from now that we have lost Nelson Mandela, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lord Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, Abraham Lincoln and others? Who will introduce reconciliation to our opposing parties and unite our citizens for common beneficial purposes?

It will once again take a person passionate about reconciliation first and leadership second: the servant leader. The servant leader is passionate about society first and then can step up to lead.

We must get away from a congressional leader finding it necessary to instruct his flock on how to treat women, without passion first to treat all public servants and citizens with dignity and respect.

We must get away from our politicians who require student protests and/or federal troops to stand down for equality under democracy.

We must get away from presidents who require student protests to stand down for economic sanctions against the inequalities under apartheid.

We must get away from presidents who require student protests to stand down for intervention to genocide.

Our youths without parents, our single-parent families and our challenged two-parent families should be directed to programs to teach leadership skills, character development and citizenship to the youths of our nation. These youths will become the leaders we wish to follow in our futures and the futures of all children to follow.

Without a parent, a relative, a friend, an educational or religious organization taking the lead in providing a venue and program to offer these skills, we will continue to depend on other nations to provide us with food, electronics, machinery, computers, et al. And without those providing a venue and program to offer leadership skills, character development, citizenship and reconciliation skills to the youths of our nation, our governmental processes will continue to be in gridlock.

Marc Samuels

project manager

Baton Rouge