Our Views: Not breaking sound record

The defense sacked Cam Newton five times. Drew Brees pushed his passing yardage past 50,000. The only ones who fell short in the Superdome Sunday were the Saints fans. They just didn’t holler loud enough.

A week ago, Seattle’s football team beat the Saints 34-7. Now their football fans have out-yelled our 137.6 decibels to 122.6 decibels, according to Guinness World Records.

That’s a disappointing outcome, but we’re still confident that Saints fans can top everyone when the game is on the line. The problem Sunday was that the Saints players were too good, so the contest was missing that one crucial play that calls for maximum exertion from all 144,000 lungs.

Like all great athletes, Saints fans know how to save their best for the biggest moment. When the playoffs start, we’ll have no trouble piling on 15 more decibels.