Letters: We can change things

In the 1970s, there was a program promoted by the state Department of Education, and seminars were included in most if not all of the high schools in Louisiana.

It was in the midst of the turmoil of the “Cold War.” Mr. Kruschev had made the statement to Americans, “We will bury you.”

He restated his message to say that would not be necessary, because the American people would do it themselves without a shot being fired.

These seminars gave us a fair warning that we would socialize ourselves. Eventually this great nation would become a government-run social welfare state.

I was a high school teacher in those days and attended many of these programs. Though many of us doubted that we would go that far, the time has now come and we are about to make Mr. Kruschev’s beliefs come true.

The Social Security plan, in which a part of salaries would be matched by our employers, could act as a supplement for retirement. Medicare was enacted and a part of salaries also was being taken and placed in that fund. Now Medicare is being cut drastically and Medicaid, which is totally free, is being partially funded by Medicare funds. Then came the infamous Affordable Care Act, which was enacted by the majority party in Congress with the president. The real purpose of these government programs, whether we like them or not, is control of people. Now we are facing the Core Curriculum. Big government is now in charge of our children’s education. This is another part of Mr. K’s philosophy that the United States will eventually “bury themselves.”

When we vote for peope to represent us on the School Board, Police Jury, Legislature, or Congress, we place our trust in them. We now see that many of these elected citizens are far removed from the people who voted for them.

This has made us an “us” and “them” electorate. “They” are now telling “us” how we are to run our lives and that of our family. There are very few government programs that run efficiently.

“It is easier to do a thing right than to try to make corrections later on.” In government social programs, they only get bigger.

There is a saying that if you like things the way they are, just keep doing the same things. If you want change, you have to change the way you are doing things. Americans and Louisiana residents, it’s time to make changes. Start with the next election.

James Hubbell

retired teacher