Letter: Chemo treatment options are important to patients

2I was already very frightened and unsure of my reaction to the treatments.

So, when Dr. Gerald Miletello at Baton Rouge General Medical Center told me I could take my 12 infusion treatments right there at the Oncology Clinic, I was relieved to know I would not have to enter the hospital each week.

It was comforting to have nurses around I was familiar with. Being in that surrounding made it more personable. Also, just think how patients felt when Dr. Miletello and other physicians would make a visit to check on us while undergoing the infusions.

Knowing my doctor was right down the hall should an emergency arise gave me confidence. I will close this by saying I hope insurance companies will allow cancer patients to have treatment where they feel comfortable and where their doctor recommends.

Edna Louise Nichols

cancer patient