Our Views: A C-ration for the future

From its beginnings, LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center has been an important partner with the U.S. military on studies involving the nutrition and health of fighters under stress on the battlefield.

Two new grants, awarded late last year and totaling nearly $16 million, will fund even more studies that are important to the challenges facing America’s military across the globe.

The new studies focus on both the nitty-gritty of daily military life — more nutritious and cost-effective combat rations — but also reach into the realm of how the smartphone technology ubiquitous among young soldiers can help to make them healthier and thus better at their tasks.

For 25 years, the Department of Defense has benefitted from Pennington research, and has returned again and again to ask the scientists at the center to create studies with real-world applications.

LSU and Louisiana can be proud of Pennington’s contributions.