Letter: LSU prioritizes research above education

I think that if you just read the recent story on the front page of the Sunday Advocate, you can quickly discern the difference in the goals of LSU and the University of Alabama. Alabama is obviously centered on attracting and educating the students of their state. LSU’s goal is “to build a first class research university.”

The last two times that a leader was selected for LSU, the board of supervisors selected a man to do just that. In the interviews with board members after each was selected, the justification for their hiring had nothing to do with educating students but developing research.

Developing research at LSU has been to the tune of spending $100 million more than the University of Alabama spends.

The logical thing for The Advocate to do is to now compile and publish a list of such research with details on costs and personnel utilized, so the public can compare the projects that each university is doing.

But, I contend if just a portion of the research monies spent at LSU was being used to enhance educational offerings, more in-state students would attend and faculty morale would be higher.

It IS a matter of priorities.

Michael Marx

electrical sales