Letter: Rollout failure doesn’t mean sky is falling

The media seems to have developed a “the sky is falling” approach to the web start-up of Obamacare. Even The Advocate is included front page headlines. Of course, the Republicans jump on this for political reasons and the Democrats are reportedly in panic mode.

Having survived various computer and web start-ups as an administrator, this start-up seems typical. 1. Seldom does a start-up work the first time. Look at all the “revisions called upgrades” rolled out by the likes of Microsoft and other big names. 2. Seldom is there any thorough testing of the programs before roll-out. Most seem to depend on customers’ feedback to correct the problems. 3. Most administrators are totally dependent on the computer and web techies but must take the blame if the programs do not work.

Yet, bottom line, most eventually work to some degree, and the sky did not really fall.

Frank G. Carney

retired administrator

Baton Rouge