Letter: Miles a good, but not great coach

Les Miles is a good coach. He is not a great coach. A good coach wins a majority of his games. He defeats some good teams. He recruits well. He has a good public image. He is firm and demanding with his players and he is respected in the community. But a great coach additionally wins the big games, lands the top prospects in the country, has the highest caliber staff, he always goes into every game with a plan B, he knows how to manage the final minutes of close football games and he is deserving of a salary ranking among the highest in the nation. For some reason, the very talented LSU football team is not always prepared to play a 60-minute game of offense, defense and special teams. A great coach accomplishes this. The fans of the LSU football team will have to decide whether they want to have good coach or a great coach. In the history of the NCAA and the NFL, we all know who the handful of great coaches have been.

Bill Munson

retired health care worker

Baton Rouge