Letter: Politicians ignore important questions

My name is Michael C. Burrow. I am a 31-year-old father of two daughters living a wonderful life here in Opelousas.

I spend much free time contacting and attending as many town hall events for our two U.S. senators as I can, and my concerns are not even addressed. Such questions as:

“How are we investing in our future in the ways of infrastructure, energy, our future and education?”

“What are we doing to prevent another Wall Street boom/bust cycle that destroyed the retirements, savings, investments and homes of so many Americans?”

“What are we doing to address the growing inequality and income gap between the rich and the poor?”

“How do we get our national budgetary concerns addressed?”

“What’s with all the obstruction and gridlock, and why can’t we move past it?”

As a father, full-time employee, college graduate and devoted husband, I do not see why I have to wait my turn to have my concerns addressed for so long. Money in the form of unlimited campaign contributions is destroying our democracy, and we must do something to change it.

I am part of Wolf-PAC. Our goal is simple: to call for a constitutional convention at the state level to reverse the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens’ United decision. I encourage your readers to please visit www.wolf-pac.com and see what we are about.

Mike C. Burrow