Letter: No such thing as free health care

In a recent edition, Associated Press writer Melinda Deslatte had a column about health care. In the article she mentioned a couple times about “free” health care. I would like for her to tell us all where there is “free” health care.

As I understand it, someone is paying for the care even though it may not be the recipient of the care. Taxpayers, doctors, hospitals, those paying premiums and private pay people are paying the bill, if not the patient receiving the care.

Too many people, especially in the media, are saying things about costs that are not correct. There is no free lunch or free health care. Somebody or some organization is paying. Just because resources come from the government, they are not free. All of us paying taxes are paying for it. Grab onto your wallet as the Feds are coming.

Mickey Christensen

quality management systems consultant

Baton Rouge