Letter: Scrap Common Core, centralized education

I read Conrad Appel’s asinine comment in your recent article, “Common Core sparks delayed uproar.”

“Senate Education Committee Chairman Conrad Appel, R-Metairie, blamed the uproar on ‘Tea party people and some other right-wing Republicans,’ whose views he said are often fueled by bad information.”

Yes, Conrad, those darned tea party right-wingers are too stupid to understand Common Core, that’s it!

Well, knowing government, it’s probably the other way around — the misfits running education in Baton Rouge just maybe jumped behind Common Core fueled by really bad misinformation.

On Common Core, rather than defend the indefensible with accurate facts, the senator attacked his opponents’ character. Wow, a Republican acting like a Democrat. Maybe because he’s in bed with so many of them on this issue.

The problem with Common Core is the same as the problem with Obamacare: lack of competition, lack of innovation, lack of choice, lack of responsibility, lack of corrective evolution, lack of common sense, lack of dignity, accountability and individuality. However tame or outrageous we may find the current Common Core curriculum to be at the moment is beside the point. How about we encourage each of our kids to think differently, to be themselves? Once every state educational system and local school board is forced to conform to one federal standard, then the pointy-headed geniuses that gave us the Affordable Care Act and website can work their big-brain miracles on education. Once Common Core is mandatory, if fairly bland and innocuous, then the indoctrination will begin. Once it’s the law. Once it’s mandatory.

What could possibly go wrong?

I have an idea. Why not scrap Common Core and abolish the Department of Education completely? If you were to plot Department of Education spending versus American educational results, over the lifetime of the Department of Education you find that as spending goes up, test scores go down.

The more we spend, the worse we do. So let’s call Common Core what it really is, indoctrination, and let’s throw this monstrosity into the same junk pile as our centralized health care monstrosity: Obamacare.

Scrap the Department of Education so kids can get an education. So instead of one centralized curriculum written by the same best and brightest that brought you the Affordable Care Act website — let’s imagine 14,000 Departments of Education, one for each school district in America. Let’s imagine that each one of them were trying different approaches. One bad idea didn’t ruin the entire country for a generation, and good ideas could be copied and modified and improved even more.

Then let’s imagine that the roughly $13,000 we spent per student in this country — triple what the next closest country spends in order to achieve our 23rd place international ranking – let’s imagine that money was attached not to the Department of Education, or the Jefferson Parish School District — but directly to the student. Let’s say that parents could direct their kids to any educational outlet that they saw fit.

Daniel P. Poulin

real estate executive