Letter: Agencies work together in road emergency

On the morning of Thursday, Nov. 7, a shoulder cave-in was noticed on Hooper Road (La. 408) near Tanglewood subdivision in Central by DOTD traffic engineering. By 11:30 a.m., various divisions of DOTD were on the scene to discover that a head-wall of a box culvert had collapsed due to an earlier automobile accident, undermining the structural integrity of the roadway. DOTD officials were quick to block off one lane of travel for public safety, and after assessing the situation, it was decided to have an emergency closure of the road to repair the box culvert. By 3:30 p.m., Hooper Road was closed, and DOTD started work on the repair. The city of Central was notified by DOTD of the planned closure, and the city was able to send out text alerts and post the information on its Facebook page. I would personally like to thank DOTD for its rapid response to the problem and for working steadily over a 3-day period, including Saturday, to fix the problem. They didn’t wait around. They immediately knew what to do to fix the headwall. I would like to thank the DOTD workers and administration, DOTD traffic engineering, Louisiana State Police for watching the roadway at night, EBR Sheriff’s Office and Central police for traffic enforcement in Tanglewood subdivision and the City-Parish DPW traffic engineering division for adjusting signal timing on a detour route. This is a perfect example of all levels of government (state, parish, and local) working together on a project in order to get a speedy outcome and assist the public. DOTD workers never complained about having to work on a Saturday. They had a job to do, and they did it. Thanks again to everyone involved.

David Barrow

chief administrative officer, city of Central