Letter: Jindal an embarrassment to Louisiana

Gov. Bobby Jindal has once again tried his best to embarrass our state by having one hand in his pocket while greeting the president, then blustering on Fox News to grandstand about it.

Bobby Jindal needs to be reminded he is showing disrespect for the Office of the President of the United States.

This office that he has spent the entire past four years chasing while collecting his pay check from a state that can hardly afford an absentee executive. The governor even has the audacity to call the president a dictator.

Could it be he’s assimilating his own image? This governor has fought to keep the disenfranchised from acquiring medical coverage with no alternative to assert.

This governor also is utilizing all energies to liberate the big oil companies from the cost of the damages that they cause to our wetlands, surmising that Louisiana’s citizens would relish this burden. If this is not enough, he’s dedicating $2 million in state funds to pay for a monument to a former governor while Grambling University has to have a private donor pay to have the football uniforms sanitized to thwart off staph infections.

He also should read The Advocate’s referencing the cuts to the faculty at LSU equals approximately one teacher lost for every drop in enrollment of two students.

In conclusion, I am hopeful that he will not have the opportunity ever to govern this state again or, heaven forbid, our county.

Pamela Jossey

retired educator