Letter: Obama has pattern of lying to public

Froma Harrop’s patronizing recent op-ed piece demonstrates the liberal apologists’ blind side when it comes to President Barack Obama. They just don’t get it. She pooh-poohs the “histrionics” about canceled insurance policies and assures us that we will all soon dry our eyes and forget all about it. She says that the “point” is that policies are being canceled because they don’t meet the basic requirements. I say the “point” is that Obama once again lied to the American public. He knows they could have never sold this program by saying, “yes, some of you will lose policies that you really like, but don’t worry, we’ll give you a better one,” so he lied. He lied to the American public about Benghazi and now won’t give access to the survivors to get to the truth. The IRS scandal probably goes up to the White House, but we can’t know for sure because the head of the local office in Cincinnati has pleaded the Fifth, and the White House has shut that investigation down. He was going to close Guantanamo. He was going to stop drone strikes. He was going to curb the government’s spying on its citizens. See a pattern? See what the “point” is now?

Mike Schultz

property manager

Belle Chasse