Letter: Dolphins’ behavior appalling

I am, and have been since high school, an avid football fan. I’ve followed many teams, celebrated many victories on the field, moaned when my teams lost, and cried when tragedy befell a team or a player. But recently, after watching the news regarding what is happening in the Dolphin organization, I was appalled.

This is a travesty to all Americans. We raise our children to respect others — at least most of us do. We send our children to school to be taught citizenship — or at least we used to. Now our coaches are expected to shoulder a duel roll of teaching civics and history as well as coaching the intramural sports that are supposed to develop good sportsmanship and respect for your fellow man and players.

What happened to Mr. Martin in the locker room in Miami is indicative of a broken system — both in parenting, schooling and teamwork, be it on a job or in a social setting. We are a country that touts equality amongst our people.

Mr. Incognito — really? Is that his name? — has totally put to shame the morals that he had to have come in contact with, at some point in his life.

What’s more —- every member of that team and organization have to bear responsibility for that shame. The idea of a group of 44 men and their coaches allowing this man to speak so derogatorily to his — and their — teammate without stepping up and intervening makes this not just a travesty, but a crime of bullying in the lowest form.

Have we really become a bully nation, allowing any of our own to so berate, disrespect and humiliate each other over something we claim to have abolished — racism? This is racism at it’s highest level. And the whole team has to accept responsibility for it.

Mr. Incognito, I am ashamed for you.

Mr. Martin, I most humbly offer the apologies as a citizen of the country we both love and represent, for the abuse of yourself, your parents and your ancestral families. Americans should not treat other Americans that way. I’m proud you had the courage and moral values to turn and walk away from such a bigoted travesty. By walking away, you have won the higher ground by giving light to a shabby blight on an American sports tradition. Let’s hope that this travesty never occurs again, in our country.

Carolyn Dupre

retired medical professional

Denham Springs