Letter: Political parties outlived benefit

We have gotten to the point where it’s not what is best for the people but what the parties wants. Our politicians vote according to what party they belong too, be it Democrats or Republicans.

The health care package got passed because the Democrats wanted it. Most of Congress voted for it without fully reading and understanding what they were about to do to the American public. These are the things that we need to make note of so we can get common people in Congress who will vote for the people’s way of thinking. This health care package is not good enough for them as they have better plans and benefits, something we the people need to correct. Sen. David Vitter has introduced a common-sense bill but one that will not pass because of the greediness in Congress. I am for having no political parties and having people in office who can vote for the people and from their hearts without the pressure from a certain party line. Congress is now about to make another mistake in support of increases in flood insurance that will affect people being able to buy a home, selling of their homes as well as causing people to move from areas they dearly love.

What are these politicians thinking? They are putting their parties ahead of what is best for the American public. We the people must stand up and take control of our future before it is completely destroyed. We need to keep a record of how these people that we elected for office voted. When they are running for re-election, they tell us one thing, but when they get into office, things change. We need to elect a lot of new faces in the coming years. We need to clean up this mess and get people in office who are for what is best for America and its people. Let’s put good people in office next election and think long and hard before we pull that lever. We need to get back to the statement, “We the people.” God Bless America.

John Lynch

retired maintenance planner/scheduler

Denham Springs