Letter: Health care still not affordable

I am responding to Ms. Sandra C. Adams’ remarks about U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy. It should be noted and acknowledged that Dr. Cassidy is one of the founders of a physicians group who treated and helped many less fortunate residents of this community without payment or fanfare. There is a huge difference between having health care insurance and actual health care. A cursory examination of the Affordable Care Act will reveal that while many people will have access to medical insurance, they will swill not have access to a “personal physician” because of co-pays and deductibles heretofore not revealed or even made available to those who need it the most. Those who are employer-covered may have to pay 9 1/2 percent of the cost of their policy. That expenditure is significant to many non-skilled people in the work place. Rep. Cassidy is not against people having access to health care, but rather against people having health care that is still not “Affordable.” Forget the politics of this subject and look at the economic realities.

Ted Redlich

business owner

Baton Rouge