City needs officers held accountable

I am writing this response on my disappointment with one of our public service agencies: the Baton Rouge Police Department.

Over the past year, our community has seen various news accounts of officer misconduct while acting under the color of law and off duty. I specifically recall Chief Carl Dabadie — while interim chief — stating he wanted to know the “needs” of the community.

Well, that’s real simple: Hold your officers accountable for their abuse of power. We as citizens understand your agency is there to protect us from the criminal element, but that protection does not give your agency the right to disrespect us as citizens by utilizing threats and intimidation. With that said, I will recommend to Chief Dabadie two things: (1) Please have your officers review the Law Enforcement Officer Code of Ethics hanging on the wall of your office. (2) Get with the mayor and begin the process of considering a citizen oversight committee of your agency to ensure the public has input as to the direction of the agency. I truly hope you consider these recommendations. Doing so would greatly increase the legitimacy of your agency within the community of Baton Rouge.

Paul Guidry


Baton Rouge