Letter: U.S. should recognize Iran as predator

Charles Krauthammer’s Sept. 28 column is timely and should be heeded.

He warns that Iran’s conciliatory gestures are merely a strategy to delay action by the U.S. and the rest of the world to stop Iran’s further development of its nuclear capabilities. Iran is on the brink of having enough enriched uranium to build a nuclear weapon.

Iranian President Rouhani reminds me of the fable about the little girl who came upon a snake in the woods.

The snake, who was freezing, asked the girl to put him inside her sweater to warm him. She protested, “But you will bite me.” The snake replied, “I could never bite someone who would save my life.”

Compassion overcame her and she put the snake into her sweater. Upon warming up, the snake bit her. As she was dying, she cried out, “You promised you wouldn’t bite me!”

The snake replied, “I’m a snake. It’s what I do.”

As Americans, we should never let our idealistic aspirations about making peace cause us to forget the reality that in the world, there are predators and there are prey.

Iran is a predator. Which will we be?

Myron Walker


Baton Rouge