Columnist quotes misleading sources

In Cal Thomas’ article in the Opinion section of the Sep. 21 Advocate, he tries to misinform readers on the climate change debate. This is a common tactic used by climate change deniers and is the reason so many people are confused about the facts of climate change science. This also leads uninformed people to use this misinformation in their letters to The Advocate in the Opinion section.

Thomas uses a quote from the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change as evidence that humans are not the cause for the majority of the warming we are seeing in our climate.

This organization is funded by energy companies and special interest parties who are trying to refute climate change. This organization was specifically formed by a climate change denier from Australia to try to dispute climate change science.

Unbiased opinion? I hardly think so! This sounds a lot like the tobacco companies’ research on smoking to me.

Thomas also says that “eminent scientists” have observed a record return of the Arctic ice cap as it grows by 60 percent in a year, covering with ice almost 1 million more square miles of ocean than in 2012. The U.N. International Panel on Climate Change says that this assertion is a myth, and they will address it in their upcoming report on climate change due out later this year.

Conservatives constantly claim that scientists are all liberal and are funded by liberal organizations and can’t be trusted, but they always use conservative scientists’ opinions that are funded by special interests as evidence that climate change isn’t happening. Why do they trust conservative scientists more than liberal ones? Because that is what they want to believe, and they disregard the evidence.

The truth is that the warming we have been seeing over the last five years has slowed down some, but is still rising. Scientists are not sure what has caused this, but some have speculated that it could be due to slowed industrial activity because of the recession, or due to volcano eruptions, which cause the climate to cool.

Others have said it may be due to a lack of solar activity or the oceans absorbing some of the heat.

Throughout the world, 95 percent of scientists are still in agreement that climate change is real and that humans are responsible for most of it. Conservatives are funding numerous organizations with respectable-sounding names to try and confuse the public.

I suggest that the public pay attention to who funds these organizations and disregard any that are funded by special interests.

Raleigh Jenkins

retired chemist

Greenwell Springs