Letter: Stop nondedicated tax proposals

The Iberia Parish levee district has now decided to try for floodgates instead of a very costly levee system. Could they have discovered there are no matching funds which anyone with time, patience, and a telephone can verify by calling BP, Charles Boustany and the state?

Iberia Parish is not behind the curve in claiming these funds because there is no curve. The politicians who recently spoke at the last council meeting about having to grasp funds from dedicated taxes to match funds should have done their homework, too.

Entities like the library, fire district, and mosquito control have good fund balances because they are well-managed. The economy here is growing, generating more money.

Yet, the parish proposes to take money from their weakest funds, health and drainage, which barely get by. Why? Easy targets or a blind to fill the ballot and aim the voters at the library?

The levee district doesn’t know what it will do if it cannot siphon off funds dedicated to health, drainage and libraries.

I suggest the parish government run a $6 million dollar bond issue and build gates similar to those in Franklin. Then, run a reasonable tax to maintain those gates after they are built instead of running a $40,000 election to take the funds of others.

But the issue here is not just libraries and levees. In Lafourche Parish, an attempt is being made to take library funds to build a jail. This is a trend being used by parish councils to get at dedicated funds for whatever purpose they want.

I do not think the proposed ballot even mentions the levee district. The money could be used for anything. And, why is it being run for 22 years instead of the traditional 10 like most taxes?

The voters of Iberia Parish must stop this trend from spreading throughout the state. Taxes are dedicated for this very reason, to keep them out of the hands of politicians.

Carla Hostetter

retired librarian

New Iberia