Letters: Column handpicked facts to suit own views

As usual, Cal Thomas has painted himself into a corner. In his column in the Sept. 21 Advocate titled “Evidence on climate change in eye of beholder,” Thomas rants against “the climate change cultists” who maintain climate change and global warming are real. His is a strange and preposterous use of semantics in his use of the term“cultists.” A cult is defined as a position taken outside of the mainstream of religion or science. Since his view is outside the maintream of science, his view is by his own definition emblematic of a cult.

Then he refers to “eminent scientists,” without naming who they are, in an article in the Daily Mail that the Arctic ice cap grows by 60 percent in a year. Well, if he’s going to make a point, I would think he could select a better source than the Daily Mail, the British equivalent of the American publications found in check-out counters in supermarkets. It has a reputation for sensationalism to attract readership, not for reliability on serious scientific discussion. It was castigated in 2011 by Dorothy Bishop, professor of neuroscience at Oxford University, in her blog when she awarded the Daily Mail the “Orwellian prize for journalistic misrepresentation,” calling the Daily Mail article “the worst misrepresentation of a scientific article in a national in a national newspaper.”

The article referred to was about cannibis, but it shows how unreliable that newspaper is as a source. This is characteristic of Cal Thomas, who desperately reaches out for any tidbit that he thinks might support his preconceived notions.

Steve McMurray

retired art director

River Ridge