Letters: Fair-weather fans don’t support team

It is appalling to see what support is truly given to our LSU Tiger football team. This season, many people don’t stay past halftime. Especially, this last game against Auburn.

Many might have felt the game was in hand or due to the rainy weather making it their reason for leaving early. To me that is being non-supportive of why you go to these games.

Our team deserves, if not expecting, fans who are willing to stay through ’til at least the first couple of minutes into the fourth quarter if not the whole game.

These guys work hard during the summer months preparing to display their abilities, so why not give them support in return to show, as fans, that we are truly behind this team?

You can watch other games, even if the teams are not ranked, and the fan base is still there rallying the team no matter what the score or how rainy it may be.

For this, I hereby classify those LSU fans who leave prior to the end of the third quarter or way before as fair-weathered and don’t deserve to call themselves a true fan of LSU Tiger football.

Greg Arthur

business owner

Baton Rouge