Letter: Obamacare result of back-room deals

Folks in Louisiana, like the rest of America, have always opposed Obamacare by a wide margin.

Only by tricks, chicanery and back-room deals was Obamacare able to squeak through Congress. The Cornhusker Kickback and the Louisiana Purchase were just two of the dirty deals associated with the passage of this bill, which needed to be passed before we could “find out what’s in it.”

Well now we know what’s in it: higher costs, lost coverage, full-time jobs reduced to part time, exemptions for the well-connected, a weaker economy for those of us working every day.

Sen. Mary Landrieu now has a chance to vote with Louisiana. Let’s hope she’ll vote with Louisiana this time instead of with Sen. Harry Reid and President Barack Obama.

John Foster


Baton Rouge