Pause, slow down, consider others

Someone recently hit my cat with his car and killed him.

I have been that person. I wanted to hate and resent the person who did this. I want to resent every car that speeds down Christian Street at 45 mph. I cannot do that. We are all guilty. Guilty of losing sight of the fact that we are not the center of the universe. I have been running late, or angry over a personal remark, or just not paying attention, and indeed probably drove too fast through your own neighborhood.

I don’t write this letter to rail against the people who speed down my street on a daily basis. Despite how much as I would like rage, I write only to remind us to pause, to consider that life exists outside our own little worlds, and to slow down. On the road and in our minds.

Mr. BK (my cat) lived a very short yet very sweet life. I hope that his death is not in vain.

At the very least I know that I’ll be slowing down in your neighborhoods and hopefully slowing down in my head long enough to consider the existence of someone other than myself.

Logan Kinamore


Baton Rouge