Letter: Parents responsible for preparing children for school

Perhaps other readers of the article concerning pre-K education had the same reaction I did. Louisiana Superintendent of Education John White, in his attempt to improve pre-K programs, reported that 54 percent of children entering kindergarten recognize the letters of the alphabet and can count to 20. Somehow, the programs are to blame. What about the parents? Are they merely bystanders? Parents are never mentioned. Are they the elephants in the room?

You can blame poverty if you wish, but it does not take a lot of financial resources to teach your children ABC’s and 123’s. If parents are not teaching them this, you can bet they are not teaching them right from wrong, either. This report means 46 percent of parents are not doing their jobs. I recall that kindergarten was made mandatory because it was determined that children were not prepared for first grade.

So how far back do we have to go? I suppose some would be comfortable with the government taking care of their children from birth. Wait a minute, communist countries do that.

There’s a solution! As parents, we are the primary educators of our children. Most of what they learn and value in life, they will learn from us. It’s time that parents are expected to take responsibility for their own children. When expectations are low, we can count on results being the same.

P.M. Davis

office manager

Baton Rouge