Letter: With focus on Syria, Obama ignoring attacks at home

In his address to the nation on the use of chemical weapons in Syria, Barack Obama appealed to the violation of the human dignity of men, women and children as a reason for taking action against the Assad regime for its then-alleged use of those abhorrent agents. Unfortunately, all that did was to underline his own hypocrisy in regard to human dignity. As the most pro-abortion president in U.S. history — even more so than Clinton! — Obama has willingly overseen and even promoted the overt violation of the human dignity of more than 5 million unborn children (thus far), by brutal dismemberment (surgical abortions), chemical attack (saline abortions) and asphyxiation/starvation (RU-486 and IUDs). In fact, he continues to press for more, by mandating the use of other abortifacient and embryocidal agents, such as the morning-after pill. It is no surprise, then, that his dithering and buck-passing in the area of genuine humanitarian need is equally overt!

When we, as a nation, become intelligent enough to elect a president with truly moral principles, then — and only then — will the United States regain the enviable world role that it had at the end of World War II.

W.A. Krotoski

retired physician

Baton Rouge