Letter: Behind closed doors no place for school discussions

I was amazed and disturbed that the Recovery School District would try to hold an invitation-only meeting to discuss potential charter school groups that wish to open schools which would be available to all Louisiana students. Aside from the obvious illegality of such a closed meeting, it shows a marked lack of respect for those individuals who were voted to represent our students.

As a parent of three boys, two of whom attended charter schools, I can attest to the fact that I always fully investigated each school my sons attended and would never have considered placing them anywhere in which secrecy played any part whatsoever. We need full transparency in all meetings that concern those who will instruct our children, and anyone who feels secrecy is justified clearly has no business in the educational process. After all, we live in a free democracy in which all citizens are responsible for public education.

Stephanie Triche

legal secretary

Baton Rouge