Letter: Flood Protection Authority should do right thing

I’m under no illusion that Gov. Jindal will do the right thing by reappointing John Barry and Tim Doody to the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East. There was great hope after Hurricane Katrina that the levee boards (thanks to Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans and Ruthie Frierson) would be free from political influence. However, this authority is demanding that the oil companies who ravaged our wetlands with their pipelines and refused to clean up their mess be held accountable. But, no, Jindal prefers that taxpayers pay to clean up the damage done to our coastal lands, and does not want to ruffle the feathers of the highly profitable energy companies. Almost all good government groups that are not under the thumb of the energy companies have taken positions in support of Barry and Doody and in favor of the authority’s suit against these companies. It’s to be hoped that the authority will hold firm for Louisiana even with the tragic loss of these two admirable men.

Jane Ferguson

retired teacher

New Orleans