Make politicians live on budget

I love any program that involves giving school supplies to needy kids. I’m all for any program that gives a Christmas gift to needy kids. I’m all for any program that gives a free meal to any needy person.

But I’m against any politician using money in a tax-paid budget to do these things and then pass it off as charity. Call it what it is: vote buying. It goes on from the White House down to Small Town,U.S.A.

Maybe if these politicians gave up some of their perks, we would have more money for these assistance programs.

The politicians get free cellphones. Just try and call one on his cellphone.

They get paid for expenses for driving their car. Try taking the bus like most of the poor people you want to help have to do every day.

They get to charge meals to taxpayers as long as they talk business while eating. Try brown-bagging it.

We keep giving tax breaks to big business to lure them into doing business here. We give Hollywood millions in tax breaks so the film industry can fly in and do parts of the movie, and then it flies right back out and makes billions that we never see. It creates a few good jobs, but it brings in people for the really important jobs.

I didn’t do real well in school, but if you spend $100 to make $90, you go broke sooner or later. But in the meantime, certain people get richer or just re-elected.

It’s time to put all elected officials on a budget and force them to live by it.

Frank LaNasa

retired truck driver

Baton Rouge