Letter: Not enough parking for LSU commuters

Save LSU commuters, kill the grass.

LSU has oversold commuter parking permits. Can they suspend writing tickets for parking on the grass or open “game day” parking for students?

I have three children who are LSU students, each one has paid for a parking permit. All three commute with different class schedules, arriving to campus from two different locations. There are not enough parking spaces for commuters, regardless of how early they arrive. Commuters are getting there earlier and earlier to get a parking space, which keeps the lots full. The buses are full, too.

My daughter parks over a mile from campus in a commercial lot at the risk of being towed and tries to ride the LSU bus from there (free for students). The bus is full sometimes, even at 7:30 a.m. When the bus is full, it passes by without stopping.

My daughters have both received tickets for parking on the grass that abuts the outermost parking lots. If a student gets three tickets ($24 each), LSU will tow the car at the student’s expense. Is LSU aware of this problem?

Julie Buckner