Letter: Sports Illustrated should be ashamed of itself

I know that the business of magazines and newspapers is to sell magazines and newspapers. But there should be limits of decency and respect.

For Sports Illustrated to attack Les Miles for something that may or may not have happened years ago is a travesty, a calumny and definitely out of the bounds of decency. I’m canceling my subscription to Sports Illustrated and asking for a complete refund for their inauspicious journalism that must have contained much of the guttersnipe venom they’ve unloaded on Coach Miles and in past issues on other sports figures.

Sports Illustrated didn’t have anything bad to say about Coach Miles behavior at LSU. That behavior has resulted in team cohesion, a good graduation rate for players and the winningest record in the SEC over the last eight years.

I believe a looney bin should be erected in Baton Rouge for the deranged fans(?) who’ve been plumping for Coach Miles’ head. What do they want? The second coming of Sabin?

By the way I really enjoy the New Orleans Advocate and I do believe you’re running the Sometimes Picayune out of town to their just desserts.

Bob Crowley

semiretired journalist/photographer

New Orleans