Letter: College more than a trade school

The idea that the primary “value” of a college is how much money you can earn after graduation is appalling. The purpose of education is to prepare each individual for life. Job and career are obviously a big part of life, but so are understanding civic responsibilities, the ability to interact socially, and developing a sense of one’s self.

All of these are integral to what makes a good college or university. They are also difficult to measure, no doubt. But we cannot go about measuring the value of an institution solely based on its capacity to serve as job training.

Just speaking for myself, I finished school with a master’s in English and promptly moved to New Orleans and got a job tending bar. It was a great way to learn a new city and meet new people, and today I lead a nonprofit called the Committee for a Better New Orleans.

Somehow, I don’t think the proposed measuring system would capture all this successfully.

Keith Twitchell, president

Committee for a Better New Orleans

New Orleans