Letter: Ads yet another waste by CATS

Once again CATS is showing its incompetence, disdain for the taxpayer’s money it uses, and purely bad thinking in management decisions.

Robert Mirabito, CEO, has chosen to spend taxpayer’s money on an advertising campaign to tout his own and CATS’ efforts to improve itself. With a federal match, CEO Mirabito thought spending $50,000 with $12,500 of taxpayer’s money for advertising was apparently a good decision.

I’d challenge any Metro Council member or CATS board member to demonstrate how that slap in the face to taxpayers money has or will improve CATS.

CATS has been a poorly run, wasteful, incompetent organization that gets support from the Metro Council. Running an advertising campaign is not going to address the basic issues that have plagued and will continue to plague the CATS system:

T oo expensive for the users.

T oo few users to pay for the service.

T errible management, immoral use of money before passage of the property tax.

I mmoral and unethical tax applied to only a portion of the taxpayers, and now a huge sum of money will land in the hands of more bureaucrats supported by bad Metro Council leadership and bad decisions.

Mirabito’s judgment is as suspect as the miscreants who came before. When is the Metro Council going to take responsibility for this mess and privatize the system?

CATS needs much more than different people, it has problems that will not be solved by more taxes, more buses, more routes and more bad decisions. CATS is an affliction on Baton Rouge and a useless advertising campaign wasting taxpayer’s money is another example of the poor decisions and actions to come.


Tom Parsons


Baton Rouge