Letter: Area residents ignored on Rouzan

I am constantly amazed at how discussion continues about the Rouzan property at Perkins and Glascow adjacent to Southdowns, Pollard Estates, Coldwater Creek and Woodchase subdivisions and across from Concord Estates without any consideration to these property owners who have been law-abiding, taxpaying citizens of this city for many, many, many years! The City Planning Commission and City Council ignored our requests and concerns when deciding this property to be a Traditional Neighborhood Development six years ago.

As I sit in a gridlock of traffic on Perkins Road trying to enter my home subdivision, I wonder how the city plans to deal with this new, densely populated TND, and the added traffic woes that will inevitably follow. After reading the most-recent article in The Advocate Sept. 6 on the proposed library, I was shocked to see that the Library Board is looking at yet another site on the Rouzan property to the east (I am assuming this is the property for sale next to Coldwater Creek and Woodchase).

I was even more amazed at the comment made by Library Board President Travis Woodard on the third site on the Pennington property being a concern for the Kennilworth residents because of the traffic and congestion! I don’t remember the board ever being quoted as concerned about the traffic that will affect our “neck of the woods”!

Once again we, as citizens of this community, are not being represented, and our input and concerns are being ignored. It seems to be only the people with the money, political power and political influence who have any say so.

These are our neighborhoods. These city boards, councils and commissions are toying with our homes we have all worked very hard and saved to live near our family, friends, school and church. I am so disappointed, once again, as decisions are being made without consideration to the impact they will make on the people who live in this area. Taxation without representation is alive and well in our community!

Ann Bernard


Baton Rouge