Letter: Someone finally stood up to Jindal

I give a very loud shout-out to Ruthie Frierson for speaking out and standing up for the two appointments to the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority — East Board. It’s about time someone in this state stood up to Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Since his term in office began he has run this state unopposed by anyone — not by the Legislature, not by the news media, not even by the so-called Black Caucus. He did and does just what he wants — with his political party and his cronies’ interests in mind. There was no public outcry even when Gov. Jindal turned down almost $16 billion in federal funding, while people continue to die in Louisiana because they lack health care, and with Louisiana having the second-highest rate of uninsured residents in the nation.

It’s about time someone stood up and spoke out!

Good for you Ruthie Frierson!

John Pierre


New Orleans