Letter: Louisianians need, deserve health care

I am a taxpayer who has private medical insurance because, by the grace of God, I was able to stand on the shoulders of others and ultimately work at a job that paid a living wage plus benefits. I write today because I cannot stand by idly as many of my fellow citizens are suffering because they are uninsured or underinsured.

I applaud the Jeremiah Group, Together Baton Rouge and all others who work so diligently to encourage Gov. Bobby Jindal to show compassion to the thousands of his constituents who would benefit from expanded health care benefits that he, alone, stands in the way of providing.

As I spoke to hundreds of people who signed letters among those delivered to Gov. Jindal’s office, I heard stories that spoke desperately to the need for better health care for taxpayers, as well as those who are too sick or too old to work. When we legislate, agitate, aggravate, dominate and hesitate to act without regard to the ill effects on the poor, we speak volumes to our own humanity.

Can you help, Gov. Jindal? Yes, you can.

Brenda Williams

retired government worker