Our Views: Support the United Way

Darrin Goss has a big job in revitalizing the Capital Area United Way. Goss is the fourth leader in six years for the agency, which has been plagued by high turnover in its top ranks.

In a recent meeting with Advocate reporters and editors, Goss said he wants to restore stability to the nonprofit, which serves 10 parishes in the Baton Rouge area.

Goss also said he wants the organizations that the agency funds to improve the way they measure results.

“Those who give the most to charity — they really want to know that their dollars are making a measurable impact in the lives of people,” Goss said.

Despite its troubles in recent years, the Capital Area United Way remains a strong force for good in Louisiana, raising money through its annual campaign to help fund a range of worthy organizations. The agency’s latest campaign, now underway, seeks to raise more than $9 million from local donors. Its area of emphasis is improving the quality of the regional workforce, primarily by helping children get on the road to success.

The need for such improvement is staggering. In the capital area, 25 percent of children live in poverty, and 51 percent are born to an unwed mother. Most of these children will need lots of extra help to learn and grow into healthy, productive citizens. And that help is critical if we want to break the cycle of poverty and grow our economy so that everyone can prosper.

Goss stressed that United Way’s member agencies want to help people help themselves, and that kind of independence is a goal worth supporting.

We urge residents to get involved in supporting the campaign. To help, visit www.cauw.org or call (225) 383-2643.