Letter: Please put down the phone and drive

Hey, Baton Rouge driver. Yes you. Please look up from your phone for a moment.

I’m walking my dog on the road because we don’t have enough sidewalks, and you are drifting toward me. This happens to me several times a day, and it scares me.

The next time I motion to you to slow down or give me some more space, please don’t get defensive. You have two or three tons of metal and an array of airbags to protect you. I have nothing. My life is more important than a text that says “lol,” or some other such nonsense.

If everyone would drive a little more conscientiously, our accident rates will decrease and so will our insurance rates.

Sure, I could train my dog to exercise on a treadmill, but we have beautiful neighborhoods and a pleasant climate most of the year. Plus, it is not illegal to walk on the street.

So please, when you are behind the wheel, your first priority is to DRIVE and not cause harm to others. Thanks.

Denise Porter

small business owner

Baton Rouge