Letter: Let’s make terrorists hide on 9-11

As we approach the date 9-11, one thing makes me very angry. We cower at the prospect of another attack by terrorists celebrating 9/11 in 2001. We close embassies; warn tourists to leave “sensitive” areas; increase security at points of possible terrorist attacks at home; etc. I submit that is exactly what the terrorists want and enjoy.

I suggest we should make 9/11 a date to increase destruction of our enemies. If need be, save a few terrorist targets for destruction on that date so that in the future the terrorists will be cowering in their holes on the anniversary of 9/11, not us. That would make 9/11 a date to be remembered — as Dec. 7, 1941, is today. It was a terrible action that resulted in uniting Americans for destruction of our enemies. I would like to believe the Japanese would, in hindsight, rethink their actions on that date. It did not bode well for them.

thomas winn

retired business managment manager

Baton Rouge