Letter: Obamacare will be huge train wreck

I was amused by Linda Kocher’s Aug. 26 letter berating a local physician as paranoid and “inflamed by propaganda” because the physician argued that the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) should be defunded. Obviously Kocher is enamored with Obamacare, but she did have to admit that the law was “large and necessarily complex because health care and genuine health policy are complex.”

Kocher didn’t elaborate further on this “complexity,” but perhaps she is referring to the president blatantly violating the law by not implementing it on the statutory timetable. Of course, I understand how a majority of Americans opposing a law from its inception can make it complex (ignorant masses are so uncooperative!). Or perhaps “complexity” means small businesses refusing to hire more than 49 full-time employees for fear of falling under Obamacare (thus the record number of part-time jobs four years into the economy’s “recovery”). Then again, complexity might be skyrocketing premiums for young workers. Add more complexity with $60 million squandered on “navigators” to con young people into purchasing policies when all the economic incentives point toward accepting the penalty. No doubt labor unions, IRS employees and congressional workers were all concerned about complexity when they made it clear they didn’t want the law applied to them. It will certainly be disastrously complex if Obamacare ends up driving more and more physicians from practice while injecting evermore free-riders into the system.

Perhaps Democratic Sen. Max Baucus (who originally voted for Obamacare) had the most-honest definition of “complex” when he called the law’s implementation a “huge train wreck.” Apparently Sen. Baucus is as paranoid and inflamed by propaganda as our local physician.

The avalanche of unintended consequences arising from this pitifully inept law would be comical if the damage to our economy and health-care system was not so serious. If this nation has a lick of collective sense left, we will stop the Obamacare train before it takes us all over the cliff.

Lance Foster


Baton Rouge