Letter: Here’s the real truth

Re: “Just the truth on homosexuality,” an Advocate letter, Aug. 31

My first reaction to this letter was anger. Hatred is hatred even when it calls itself “the truth.” But, after reading the words several more times in order to compose an appropriate response, I changed my opinion. I still despise the words, but I feel profound sympathy for the person who wrote them. I feel deeply sorry for anyone who closes his/her heart to acceptance and humanity.

Homosexuals are human beings and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Most of us who are the parents or children or relatives or friends of a homosexual don’t see the person as some sub-group of human beings. We see them as wonderful individuals who we love and cherish.

I pray the letter writer learns acceptance and tolerance of all human differences. It will make his life richer and happier. That is the truth.

Dara Long

social worker