Letter: Continue Baton Rouge’s hospitality tradition

Our great city of Baton Rouge takes advantage of every opportunity to revel in the good times, and you can bet there will be no shortage of good times this fall! Football season for the LSU Tigers and Southern Jaguars is upon us, along with thousands of new and returning visitors to our city. The Baton Rouge hospitality and friendly attitude to our guests, whether they are fans or opponents, is constantly relayed back to Visit Baton Rouge® through emails and social media. We ask the community to help us extend a warm welcome both inside and outside the stadium. Baton Rouge was recently selected as Louisiana’s “Southern Hospitality City” By ConventionSouth Magazine because of our great residents and hospitality partners! With so many reasons to celebrate, there’s never been a better time to showcase our home.

Go Jags and Geaux Tigers!

Paul J. Arrigo, president & CEO

Visit Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge