Letter: Supervisors costing someone money

I sure hope my wife’s contributions to LSU, and those of other contributing alumni, aren’t being used to fund the court case involving the LSU Board of Supervisors’ refusal to release the names of the semifinalists and finalists considered in the search for the new president of LSU. Someone must be footing the bill, and I can only assume it’s the alumni.

As The Advocate reported Thursday, the Louisiana Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that the records must be produced and the board shall remain on the hook for the $500 per day contempt of court charge until it provides the names.

True to form, as in the case of a few attorneys, they have found a way to continue to increase their salaries, and have advised the foundation to, yet again, appeal the ruling. This time to The 1st Circuit Court of Appeals.

They claim that the names will not be released until ordered to do so by an appellate court.

In the meantime, the $500 a day charge, already in excess of $50,000, continues to increase, along with attorney fees, and since no court date has been set, one doesn’t know what the final cost will be if the LSU board is once again unsuccessful.

I bet that if each member of the LSU Board of Supervisors had to pay all these costs out of their own pocket, the names would have been released on Day 1. But then again they’re not worried, for they have an unlimited source of funding — your wallet.

James Anderson

retired school official