Letter: Technology part of Louisiana future

I was pleased to open a copy of The Advocate on Aug. 20 and read the “Our Views” column about broadening Louisiana’s tech base.

It’s great to see a news organization talking about the importance of technology to our state’s economy.

The oil and gas industries have helped Louisiana become one of the best places in the country to do business, a feat that would be notable even if the country wasn’t experiencing the recession it has been over the past five or so years.

But The Advocate and the Department of Economic Development head Stephen Moret are absolutely correct in suggesting there is room to prioritize another industry in Louisiana: the tech industry.

Not only is investment in our state’s digital infrastructure beneficial to luring new businesses to the state and making sure all residents have access to broadband Internet access, but it will also help Louisiana’s current industries — including oil and gas — expand and become even more successful.

While Louisiana has recently seen a dramatic increase in investment in the state’s digital infrastructure there is still room for improvement when compared to the rest of America. Citizens for a Digital Future encourages our community leaders and policymakers to support public policy that is pro-tech investment.

Jacob Luneau, state director

Citizens for a Digital Future

Baton Rouge