Letter: A library ­— without Spinoza

In The Advocate of Aug. 16, we see an article having to do with the Library Board of Control and J.T. Spinosa, the owner of the Rouzan development.

For many years now, Spinosa has been going to donate and give to the city-parish a plot of land at Rouzan for the purpose of adding a required “civic structure” (the purported library branch) at Rouzan. In order for the “Traditional Neighborhood District” to manifest itself, he had to have a civic building, and the Library Board was all too eager to satisfy his promise, including turning down another donated acreage in the area for the same purpose, two so-called Cooperative Endeavor Agreements with the city-parish, and recently agreeing to the scandalous idea of the city-parish purchasing some other Rouzan property for a few million dollars! That would be with our library tax dollars, of course. (By the way, Spinosa has not even attended a Library Board meeting recently to get what he wants.)

Spinosa’s financial and legal problems have gotten to the point where he is selling off his properties (and even his offices) to satisfy payments long owed to lenders, contractors and sub contractors. I hope that the Library Board will let him suffer from his self-inflicted inequities, and that the board will finally take over constructing a proper library branch in an area of this city that has been promised such since the year 2002.

John Berry

database consultant

Baton Rouge