Letter: Pest control pricing not so simple

Recently your paper has written articles and editorials concerning the work of DA Exterminating at the Orleans Parish Prison. You seem to lack the knowledge necessary to understand the value and pricing of pest control services. Trying to compare one customer to another is an impossible endeavor without knowing the type of services rendered.

Professional pest management companies utilize several pieces of information in order to price the services for each location. This information would include type of pest, frequency of service, condition of the facility to be treated, type of treatment and any extra services requested. Depending on the facility, some services may require daily service while others may require no more than monthly or quarterly service.

Since you do not know what type of service was done at the Orleans Parish Prison, it seems that your criticism of a local, family-owned business that has operated for over 50 years is out of line. Professional pest management is not simply killing pests but includes regular inspections to help prevent infestations in the future.

I would hope that in the future your newspaper would take the time to research this subject prior to attacking a professional company such as DA Exterminating.

Jeff Porter, executive director

Louisiana Pest Management Association

Baton Rouge