Letter: Global warming a expensive hoax

In reply to “Renewable energy is wave of future,” letter Aug. 19.

The myth of man-made global warming is starting to be unmasked. Ma rion Freistadt has apparently bought into the baseless claims of the liberal scientific zealots. These “scientists” are funded by liberal interest groups to come to these false conclusions (Search, “Fraud of East Anglia University.”) If Al Gore and his ilk were right with these outrageous claims in the 1990s, Miami and New Orleans would be 20 feet under water right now. Why doesn’t anybody ever hold these zealots accountable for their idiotic predictions?

These zealots have done enough damage to our country. Their paranoia has led to our dependence on Middle Eastern oil, which has resulted in funding of Muslim extremists whose top priority in life is to kill us. They have stifled our economy by blocking domestic oil, gas and coal production and the job-producing, “black-gold” revenue-generating Keystone pipeline.

Fossil fuel exploration, extraction and refinement could be the foundation for this country’s economic resurgence. It’s time to reject the environmentalist idiots who have held us back.

One of the best cases for exposing this fraud was made in a May 2013 opinion piece at Forbes.com by Peter Ferrara entitled “To The Horror of Global Warming Alarmists, Global Cooling is Here.” He cites several scientific studies across Europe in his piece. Of course, these studies will never be published in the “state-run” media in the U.S.

Freidstadt could use a little common sense also. First, I am thankful for natural global warming. If not for that, we would still be in an ice age. Second, the sun is responsible for global temperatures. Over time, the sun will go through phases that will impact the Earth’s temperature. Third, alternative energy should be developed and explored, but it will not be reliable for another 50 to 100 years. If solar or wind power was viable, when Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast or hurricanes Katrina and Gustav hit Louisiana, we could have just flipped the switch over to wind or solar instead of firing up the gas-powered generators.

Sorry, I will not trust the alternative energy sources until I see a Boeing 787 rocket off into the clouds on solar power.

The American people need to reject the zealots referenced above and go about the business of exploiting our bountiful fossil fuel resources. If we do, it will be the lifeblood of our nation’s economy for the next century!

Lloyd Ray

insurance representative