Letter: Wastes of our tax dollars incredible

Two recent news pieces illustrate just how broken our govenment is and how little they consider the average American in their choices.

We are sending National Guard units to Kuwait over 20 years after the conflict there to help rebuild. First of all, why so late? Second, during this extreme budget crisis, with services to Americans being cut, why are we sending help to a country awash in oil money which we are providing?

The other piece of news concerned Jesse Jackson Jr. going to prison for theft of campaign funds. At the same time, it is disclosed that he will be “only” eligible for $45,000 a year in retirement funds when he retires due to tougher rules. Way to look out for yourselves, politicians! He is also eligible for up to $8,700 a month in disability payments since he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

As an average American, I can only shake my head when I read of such outrageous wasting of our limited taxpayer dollars, as well as the complete detachment from reality our “representatives” in Washington seem to have.

john luke

retired manager

Baton Rouge